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WORLDFOODS was founded in 1998. As part of the AAG group, we saw the need to simplify and make available the variety of sauces and tastes to meet the growing demand for authentic foods in commercial kitchens and at home.

WORLDFOODS today produces a complete range of sauces that can be found on the shelves of the most super and hyper markets as well as countless retail outlets around the world.

Our products have passed taste test for the discerning of palates of Chefs at International Hotels, Airlines, Caterers, Restaurants, and to the everyday busy housewife and Young Urban Professionals.

WORLDFOODS takes a variety of spices and herbs to give you a variety of authentic flavors to unleash your creativity, with convenience, speed, and lowered cost yet retaining good healthy cooking styles.

Our Philosophy
At WORLDFOODS, our culinary philosophy is built around flavors - isolating them, maximizing them and combining them. And we love the challenge to find the best ingredients, unlock their natural flavors and create a harmonious balance for the finest cuisine. We set ourselves apart with a passionate concern for the health, cleanliness and the well being of consumers. We see no reason to compromise authentic tastes with all-natural ingredients.
Our Vision
WORLDFOODS gives the finest of value and premium quality food products ensuring credibility of a globally renowned brand dedicated to healthy culinary satisfaction.

Great Service, Value and Choice. We deliver anywhere in the world a complete range of blended sauces that caters to the needs of Chefs, Hotels, Airlines, Caterers, Restaurants and everyday home cooking. All without compromising on taste, health, convenience and value.

Our Mission
To progressively develop the finest products and services in satisfying the demands of our customers and the companies we do business with.
Our Commitment to Innovation and R&D
Each WORLDFOODS recipe is developed from local blends using 100% natural ingredients, traditional herbs and spices. With the long and successful history of creating exquisite yet easy to use Asian flavours, we now expanding to include the wide range of sauces and pastes from the Middle East, Latin American, Caribbean, Africa, France, German, Italy, and many more. Our commitment to innovation is to serve the most discerning Chef and busy homemaker with a policy of healthy and tasty flavours that combine 100% natural ingredient.

As we anticipate changes in market trends. We continue investing in research and development of products and services that will encourage new business avenues at Worldfoods with our current customers and new partners.

Our diversity, passion and commitment encourage a creative workflow has produced a high quality brand with high quality products that offer superior value and customer satisfaction. Our strong and dedicated research team ensures our products meet the highest standards; worldwide.

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