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"I tend to create a lot of very quick and easy low fat meals for people with little time on their hands, so they avoid takeaways and ready meals."

For a quick, filling low fat lunch, I simply cooked some prawns and scallops in spray oil and a tablespoon of the nasi goreng paste, then added a tin of chopped tomatoes and warmed through. Garnish with chopped fresh coriander and serve!

I am a weight loss consultant (I run my own business www.samsweigh.com) and am so impressed with this paste and will be recommending it to my clients. I did the recipe on the jar but did not use oil, just a little water, and it came out just as tasty with no fat need. Even my children of 10 and 12 loved it! I am looking forward to trying more of your range and adapting where I can to make it even more healthy (I love the fact the paste is not oil based).

Kind regards,
Samantha McCallum


Samsweigh Seafood Sup Kental
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